Video Walkthroughs of Our Rehabs

Follow along and learn from what we did to rehab some of our properties. We love to share, so follow us on FB and Subscribe to our YouTube page as well!

Gainesville, GA Rehab JV with Premises Group 1 of 4 (Progress)

Gainesville Ga Rehab Flip #1 Aug 2018
Part 1 of 4 as we rehab a 3/2 ranch on 2 acres in Gainesville, GA. 1450 sq ft . Scope of work was light. Carpet, paint (inside and out), deep cleaning to rid home of smokers residue. Change out all fixtures, door handles, light sockets and switches. General yard clean up. 1 month flip.

Gainesville, GA Rehab JV with Premises Group 3 of 4 (Progress)

Gainesville Ga Rehab Flip #3  Aug 2018
Part #3 of 4 as we get close to finishing the Gainesville Rehab. JV with Capital City Equity Group and Premises Group Aug/Sept 2018.

Duluth GA condo walk through Nov 2018 (Pre Rehab)

Duluth Condo pre- Renovation walk through
Duluth Condo Nov 2018. 2 week flip. $13,000 rehab budget. 3 bedroom, 2 bath Condo. 1744 sq ft. Duluth, GA 30097.

Dec 3rd 2018 Duluth GA condo final walk through after Rehab is completed

Final Walk through with Carson Olinger from Capital City Equity Group at 3928 Stillwater Dr
Final Walk through after finishes at Duluth GA condo Dec 3rd 2018.

Snellville GA (Eastland Flip) $26,000 rehab 3/2 1650 sq ft SF on slab

Getting ready for the EASTLAND Rehab in Snellville
Part B of the Eastland Flip Live FB event on Jan 15th 2019. Walk through the property before it is rehabbed and understand what it will take to bring it to realization.

Eastland Flip in Snellville, GA Feb 8th 2019. Mid progress. Gutted and cabinets in. Keep watching as we bring it home by months end.

EASTLAND Flip progress to date 2-8-19