Coaching and Mentorship Programs

Earn while you Learn!!!! No money needed. You don’t even pay us to start. Work at your own pace.

How many ballrooms have you sat in? How many CD programs have you purchased and are now sitting under your bed? What “Guru” took your money? Feel like you took a course and were drinking from a fire hose? We do it differently. We are not a “ME TOO” investor firm! “What can we do for you?” Capital City Equity Group can teach you in the field; how to find, cultivate and close Real Estate deals and earn as you learn. No money needed!!! You can do this with zero money or little money as you go. We can show you how to Wholesale, Flip, Buy and Hold, Refi your cash out, Acquire creatively, create notes and much more.

Work in the field and learn from investors that are doing it along side you. No bus tours with 200 of you closest friends, no ra ra sessions. Just straight up information that will translate, with hard work and effort, into a job… and then into a business. Call us directly to gain more information at 678-478-2230 email us at Check out our Blog as well for additional educational information at Carson Olinger President and CEO Capital City Equity Group Suwanee, GA 30024

JOIN US FOR OUR NEW Real Estate Investment Association (REIA) in Gainesville, GA . My colleague, Scott Young and myself have started North Lake REIA meeting at Recess Gastro Pub in Gainesville on the last Wed of every month from 6:30 – 9pm. IT’S FREE!!!!!! Cash bar and menu food item in our private room. Come be a part of the hottest and most social networking group on the North Side – NORTH LAKE REIA. This REIA is geared toward the new and the seasoned investor, agent, broker and anyone in the industry. Learn, grow, network and socialize with us. See you then. Here is our blog.

Testimonial from The Field

“Carson, you had asked me what I liked about working with you versus with someone else and where I could use more help. Working with you, I definitely appreciate having someone that is not only pushing me to do better, but holding me accountable for my own success. Obviously, its still up to me and the team, to make this happen for ourselves, but you want us to succeed and its clear. As a person that is inherently negative, impatient, and quick to doubt my own abilities, it’s been a blessing to have regular contact with you. You’re so full of energy and active in the field and doing what I want to be doing. The ability to call or shoot you a text to ask a questions and know that I’ll get a response within a day is incredibly motivating. Also, I mentioned in my “Goals, etc.” email to you previously, that organization has not been my strong suit of mine .”

“However, after speaking with you Friday I went home and put everything from the stack of papers floating around my car onto a spreadsheet and realized that I was already missing a few followups and therefore opportunities by not being as organized as I should. I had a potential buyer for trailers and ugly homes around 100k and also found a trailer on 14 acres that would be around that price range, but because I was somewhat disorganized I did not connect the two. You asked where I felt I/we need more help. Social media is still a huge struggle for me, and I haven’t seen any questions the rest of the team on FB so he might need help as well. I’ve gotten comfortable at the networking events you have introduced me to, and to talking to folks, but still haven’t brought myself to post any videos on my page…. I’m likely way overthinking this like I do everything else, though. You said that you’d show us how to use social media to our advantage, I think we could use the help and direction.”

-Liz J. Braselton, GA Southeastern Associates, Inc Team Member and in the program Jan 2019